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NOVA Idea Foundation supports those people who want to turn their ideas into a successful business.
Our endeavours are all about providing the tools of the trade: knowledge, connections and expert advice.

Building Bridges

A Bundle of Sticks is More than the Sum of its Parts

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Young Entrepreneur Organisation of the European Union

Bulgarian Association of Software Companies

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Long before the ‘startup community and eco-system’ became familiar to most of you we were naked on the arena. Trying to find a light in Bulgaria – successful people with their stories who will make this concept closer to us and the reality.

Seven years from that time – the community of entrepreneurs in Bulgaria is a fact. And it lives. And it grows.

Now we are proud to say – we already have acceleration and venture funds based in Bulgaria and we are partnering with them. We have established a living network and close contacts with a solid number of international funds and organizations. Many common projects put us on the ground that creates the foundation of the startup eco-system in Bulgaria.

It is our focus now to empower entrepreneurs by providing the skills and support required. Our team has been in the heart of the Infostart project, an initiative for supporting new business ideas as well as IT education. We believe it to be of crucial importance for starting businesses in the technology driver world of today. 

Our mission:

>> build bridges between the young people and the business
>> provide access to young people to trainings which improve their business skills
>> awaken the entrepreneurial spirit among the people in our society
>> support inexperienced entrepreneurs all the way from turning an idea into a successful business,
>> develop local business communities

NOVA Idea Foundation supports young people in Bulgaria who want to turn their ideas into a successful business and those who want to improve their practical business skills.

NOVA Idea strives to create environment where entrepreneurs and young professionals flourish. We are the Y-school of doing business. Our organization links entrepreneurs with professionals, role models and investors, who have the knowledge and best practices. We also provide access to our wide network of contacts, for contacts are so vital for nascent businesses. 

Our team has been actively participating and managing international and national projects and are eager to become part of new ones which aim to create and foster a sustainable environment for talents, young entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders.

Setting the Foundations

Developing and helping entrepreneurial people in their way to success



InfoStart is the endeavour we, as a team, have been in the heart of. It is an initiative that directly reflects our passion for educating and supporting people who want to start a business or are simply devoted to personal improvement.

We believe that in today’s world technology is not simply “good to have and know” but it is the main tool through which humans can express their most unique and important characteristic: the drive to create. IT has disrupted almost all spheres of human activity and it is poised to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

We need to be prepared.


Investing in IT-facilitated businesses:

Information Services Plc. is the largest IT company in Bulgaria and as such has the potential to asses, support and invest in promising IT businesses. From people with promising ideas to developing organisations who need to grow further, we have the ability to invest in good ideas, find a suitable partners or support the further product development.

IT education:

Understanding IT is indispensable part of doing business today. We offer multi-profile education service to boost entrepreneurial people’s competitive advantage.

 for more information: InfoStart.eu
InfoStart is a project by Information Services JSC.


BLWe believe that creating a flourishing community of entrepreneurs depends heavily on the information people have in the press.

We are active in business edition, such as Business Lady Magazine, where we publish materials about being a successful entrepreneur:


Angel Investors:

Business angel meetings are vital for the successful development of the start-up ecosystem.

They are a powerful means for providing access to capital and know-how from experienced and successful business people and entrepreneurs.

In cooperation with Eleven and LAUNCHub, acceleration and venture funds following the financial mechanism of European Investment Fund, we organise such meetings since September 2013.


Starting-up is an art

We are devoted to helping entrepreneurs master it all!

Business planning & Project management consulting:

  • how to create a realistic business model
  • support it with adequate organisational structure
  • establishing the culture
  • managing the project “start-up” and beyond

Investment/Funding Advice:

  • start-up Finance 101
  • acceleration and venture capital funds
  • other support organisations

Network-building Support:

  • connect you with the right contacts
  • advice on how to get in touch with them
  • the science behind successfully engaging prospects
  • guide you to the start-up community

Business Administration management:

  • managing bureaucracy
  • trainings to streamline the operations
  • techniques to focus on value
  • negotiated discounts with companies (accounting, telecommunications, etc.)

With you all the way

From Shaping Your Idea to its Succsesfull Execution!






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